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The Difference Between Japanese & German Hairdressing Scissors

by James Adams January 20, 2024 6 min read

Japan and Germany are the top two hairdressing brand names in NZ. Many brands are available when you search for hair-cutting shears such as Jaguar Yasaka, Juntetsu, and Yasaka.

They are generally made in Japan and Germany. What are the top New Zealand hairdressing companies?

These Japanese and German German hairdressing tools stand out because of their premium quality steel. These scissors produce the perfect cuts with very few imperfections. Professional hairdressers, barbers, and stylists use Japanese and German shears to achieve the highest quality and most durable products.

Things to Remember When Buying Japanese Hair Cutting Scissors

Here are some things to remember when shopping for a new set. You need to think about other factors before you decide whether to buy Japanese hair-cutting tools or German ones.

These are just few things to keep your mind clear of...

1. The best price does NOT always equal the best.

Buy scissors not because they're more expensive or have a better reputation. Before buying scissors, read reviews and review the company. Cheap scissors can be a good way to save money. You need to use high quality scissors for hairdressing!

High-quality scissors will not require you to change them as often. You don't always get the best price.

2. How do you use your hairdressing cutters?

Think about how you use scissors as well as what type of shear you prefer. A smooth texture shear is ideal for people who do a lot in point cutting. To save time and not have to replace what your other scissors can do, a seamless-blending shear is a good choice.

Different hair-cutting devices produce different results. You should pick the one that works best for you.

3. Do your research before buying a blade.

Different blade types produce different cuts. To find the best blade, you should inspect every type of blade.

Caring to your Japanese or German Shears

It doesn’t matter what brand hair-cutting scissors are you using. To prolong the life of your scissors' shelf life, make sure they are stored properly and kept sharp. Wash excess hair with soapy warm water to remove it.

It is important to dry them thoroughly before storing them.

It is vital to ensure your hair cutting tools are functioning properly. They need to be taken care. They need to be taken care.

Take care of your scissors to prolong their life span.

For your scissors to work at their peak, it is crucial to keep them clean. For smooth operation, oil can be applied to your screw area every 2 months.

Japanese Hairdressing Scissors

Japanese shears is the preferred choice for professional hairdressers New Zealand. Japanese scissors can be used by professionals in any industry, whether they are hairdressers or barbers.

History of Japanese hairdressing scissors

Since the 1960s Japanese hairdressers were a leader in international hairdressing. In 1960, President Ronald Reagan bestowed the Hikari Scissors Japan award for international business excellence. Hikari Japan also acquired the Convex knife, which is adored by top-end hairdressers.

Japanese hairdressers are the first ones to use offset ergonomics in order to reduce fatigue. This was natural because of the repetitive strain injuries and long work hours Japaners endured.


Japanese hairdressers' scissors have been the standard in New Zealand ever since the 1980s. A pair Japanese hair cutting shears can last for over 20 years. Pros have been known to spend over $1000.

Japanese Shears are the Best

What makes someone want Japanese hair slicers? Sarah, from Hair Beauty Paradise has shared her thoughts.


Hairdressers' tools are as important and as important as the skills they use. If the quality of my pair is lower, I will replace it with a newer pair. Japanese scissors are much cheaper than my training ones. They don't need sharpening or replacing as often.

Japanese Hairdressing Scissors are a great option

These are high quality and highly recommended. They are also more expensive. Let's have a look at some of the best hairdressing knives for cutting hair in Japan and New Zealand.

  • Resistant towards corrosion, chemicals, general wear and tear

They are very easy-to-maintenance and can be quickly and easily sharpened because they are high-sharpened and hardened steel.

The material's light weight and ergonomic design makes it less likely for repetitive strain injuries and fatigue.

Sharp hair cutting movements by the Japanese convex with high-quality tension adjustmentors

It is possible to save money if you don't buy replacements

What kind is the Japanese hairdressing knife made of?

Japanese hair-cutting tools are highly sought-after due to their high quality steel. Other countries that produce low-quality scissors, like Ukraine, Pakistan, and Ukraine are not as popular. Let's have a look at the Japanese uses of steel in hairdressing.

  • Hitachi ATS 314 (Level 6, Best Quality)

  • Hitachi 440c (Level 5 - Best Quality)

  • V10(VG10) (Level 4, Excellent Quality)

  • V1(VG1) - Level 3, Very High Quality

  • 440C (Level 2, standard quality)

  • 440A (Level 1 Quality Standard)

Hitachi steel is a renowned manufacturer of steel. Hitachi Steel is used in high-end brands, such as Fuji MoreZ Yasaka Hikari Hikari and Yasaka. This steel is also used in many other brands. International brands can also rely on this steel. The best hair cutting scissors can be made in Japan if the product has been manufactured there.


Which Japanese hairdressing brand is the best?

You can see the differences in New Zealander and Japanese hair-cutting scissors by looking at top New Zealand brands.

German Hairdressing Scissors

German scissors are the choice of professional hairdressers, as well as casual stylists. Germany is the leading market for hair-cutting scissors. This is due to their unique European design.


History of German hairdressing scissors

Since the 1930s German hairdressing knives have been very popular throughout Europe. Jaguar Solingen is a well-respected and inexpensive manufacturer of hairdressing scissors. German Scissor Manufacturers was formed in 1960 to distribute their products to barbers, hairdressers, and other professionals around the globe. They have attractive designs and are well-suited for international markets.

German city of Solingen has been called the "City of Blades", because it is home of some of Europe’s top hairdressers. Numerous German hairdressing scissors manufacturers are also located in the region.

German Shears Make the Best

Professional hairdressers or barbers could benefit greatly from a pair German hairdressing tools. Michael, a Sydney barber, was open to the idea.


During my apprenticeship, the Jaguar Pre Style Ergo blades were a great fit. A pair that worked five years cost less than $200. Jaguar Germany shears have been my only choice.


German Hairdressing Scissors

German hairdressing tools can be relied upon to be made of high-quality steel. This is very close to Japanese Scissors. Let's examine the many benefits of purchasing a pair Jaguar Germany scissors.

  • Affordable Pairs starting at 100

  • Be bold in your choice of colors, styles, or aesthetic designs

  • Modern ergonomic designs can help prevent fatigue, RSI injury and other conditions

  • Flat edge blades that catch hair at the end of their closing phase.

What kind is the German hairdressing knife made of?

German hairdressing scissors made from high quality steel. German hairdressing tools, such as Jaguar Solingen are associated with precision because of their association with Audi and BMW. Let's now look at the steel types used for German hair-cutting tools.

  • MC Micro Carbide Steel, Level 5 - Best Quality
  • Molybdenum Steel - Level 4 – High Quality
  • Stainless Chrome steel (Level 2 - Outstanding Quality)

Which scissor is superior: Japanese, German or both?

We discussed the best New Zealand haircutting scissors with several hairdressers. Jaguar Solingen, the most prominent German shear producer, was our favorite. However, Japanese brands Fuji MoreZ, Yamato Yasaka, Hikari, are all highly regarded.

Which is the best brand to cut hair in New Zealand. It's difficult for us to decide, but we would rank it as either Jaguar Solingen(Germany), or Yasaka (Japan). Today's hairdressers are not spending as much. One pair of scissors was once worth $1500. They are expecting to spend $300-600 on top quality scissors in 2019 but will only pay $300 to 600.

James Adams
James Adams

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