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Yamato Royal

  • Prices: From $1000 to 1500 NZD Per Royal Pair
  • Sizes: 5.5", 6", and 6.5"
  • Types - Designed for Cutting
  • Material Super Cobalt Alloy
  • Rating
  • Review - "The Yamato Royal Scissors from the famous Japanese hairdressing scissors brand, Yamato, are a top-tier choice. With its high-quality Super Cobalt Alloy stainless steel and top-bottom convex edge blade, it delivers unparalleled performance. With a sleek and flawless design and smooth movements thanks to the Bearing tension system, we rate this 5/5 Stars as one of New Zealand's best Japanese Scissors. Yamato Royal."
  • Where To Purchase: Best Priced Yamato Royal Scissors
Yamato Scissors Japan, the brand equivalent of a Formula 1 race car in the world of hairdressing tools. It is renowned for its exquisite, handcraft...